Trophy Hunting Questions



I keep pondering the whole concept of trophy hunting and what it is that I dislike about the sport, so I try think with an open mind on the issue, seeing it from both sides. This is not an easy thing to do, and most of the time I start to just think "take them down, shame them for their sick minds", but this leads me down a path of anger and I end up becoming overwhelmed by the darker side of the emotional scale. I have to keep pulling myself back from this place, not because I am losing the fight in me, but because I see that it just ends up being a hopeless battle. The hunters are feeling the hatred, we are fueling this even more. Is it going to change their minds? I do not think so. So what does one do, how do we change this situation without becoming bitter and full of rage towards them. The situation is potentially a very dangerous one. Someone is going to snap, someone is going to get hurt. So what is the solution? My thinking is we need to stand back, work out the key issues that are the core of the matter. I want to try figure out what it is I dislike about the sport by making a basic list of things that to me are the most disturbing aspects of the issue at hand. I am going to list some of the things I see as the main negatives about the sport. So here is my list:

1) Why do they have a need to kill animals that are not commonly regarded as food, say for example a giraffe or an elephant.
2) Why is there always a need to show off their killing in the form of posed photos or video footage, it is not a sign of respect for the animal that has lost its life in any way whatsoever.
3) Why do they use excuses for their actions like "I do it for conservation" or "I am helping feed starving people in third world countries". We know this is not the reason they do it, it is merely a "justification" for what is essentially a love of killing.
4) If the trophy hunters say they do it because they enjoy the act of tracking down a dangerous animal so they can show their great skills as hunters, then why can they not do this without killing the animal and instead use darts to do the same thing. This way they can have the thrill of getting their target without having to take the life of a animal that has a right to exist, just like they themselves have.
5) What is the point of doing the sport just so the trophy hunter can have a dead animal to show and put on display. This goes beyond sport and becomes rather macabre for most people who are opposed to the sport.
6) Why is there a trend in recent years to make hunting a form of entertainment. Surely it is meant to be about killing for food and not about getting fame and recognition. We do not see butchers on television flaunting their skills when it comes to killing a cow, so why should their killing be any different.
7) We understand that some people like to kill their own food, but when someone goes beyond killing what they need it becomes greed and an unsustainable sport. If we all had to kill like some hunters do, what would be left to kill at the rate some of them are killing animals for fun.
8) Why is there so little control over who has the right to hunt and who has earned this right. It seems like anyone who has money and a need to kill can do so if they please. Can there not be a little more self control, a quota system or an independent body that is put in place to keep the sport at a level where it seems less out of control.
9) There seems to be no qualification required when a trophy hunter goes on a hunt, is this fair, is this humane. How many animals are subjected to painful ends because of inexperienced hunters not being that good a shot.
10) If someone who is mentally unstable has access to the port of hunting it becomes a very sick affair, not all hunters are out to kill so they can do it in the nastiest way possible, but when one sees the bulk of the images on the internet one sees a trend of disrespect and open abuse to animals, like lying next to a dying animal while taking a selfie. This is not an honorable way to behave, but yet it has become a norm for so many trophy hunters, especially those who thrive on publicity.
11) If there is a need for animals to be culled because of their natural balance being destroyed by man, then why are these animals not sufficient for the needs of the hunters, why do they have to seek out animals that are under threat or on the brink of extinction.
12) There seems to be no age limit when it comes to who hunts and it is also not uncommon for small children to accompany adults on hunting trips, surely this needs to be addressed and an age limit put in place.
13) There seems to be no rules when it comes to hunting and very little in the way of punitive measures for those who break the rules. It is giving the trophy hunting community a bad name and rightfully so.

Looking at all these points I have listed above makes it a more and more clear to me that the sport is out of control and needs to be looked at in a serious light. It was once s sport, but has become more than just that. It is attracting some very unethical people that have very little respect for the animal they hunt and it saddens me to see how so easily these people can go out and shoot for nothing more than the thrill of killing. If the trophy hunters believe that it is their right to hunt, and want to continue doing what they are doing, then is it not time they started to clean up their act. The people who are trying to put an end to the sport are not simply "tree hugging" fools, we are seeing the dark side of your sport more and more, and we are appealing to those few hunters that are not part of this decay to try look at what it is your sport has become.